Picture by Chocomalk

Completed: May 2010
Worn at: Various Victorian picnics and strolls
Why I chose this costume: .

I have been a big fan of James Jacques Tissot since the moment I saw his paintings. He was a famous classical 19th century painter, and was not very popular amongst his colleagues because he liked to paint beautiful people in gorgeous settings when everyone else was being a little more expressionist and whatnot. This dress by Tissot can be found in at least 8 paintings and sketches that I have found so far. It’s like this dress has taken on a persona of its own. I wanted to make a comfortable Victorian fall/spring/summer outfit, and I found the perfect striped cotton to achieve this. This is the most comfortable Victorian outfit I have ever worn!

Pictures by Chocomalk

Here are a few of the paintings by Tissot where this dress can be seen

Pictures from www.jamestissot.org